Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Roundup

I wonder just what proportion of crime is generated by entrapment.  Example: the FBI allegedly trained a blogger to bait right-wing terrorists into doing something they wouldn't normally do.

This is just great. Not. DNA evidence can be fabricated. The persons I fear will suffer the most are those who were wrongfully imprisoned and convicted, only to have DNA evidence demonstrate unequivocally they were innocent. With DNA discredited, there goes their only ticket out of kangaroo court.

Speaking of wrongfully convicted, take a read at what this guy went through, and think of him when someone tries to claim the near-infallibility of the criminal justice system or says that "a jury convicted him, so he must be guilty". Prosecutorial misconduct, fabricated evidence, jurors who respond more to emotional appeals than facts. It's crap like this that makes me declare that the death penalty is immoral in the hands of the State, and to wonder openly about how just our justice system really is. HT: MikeT.

Left-wingers have been screwing themselves into the ceiling over a protestor's "time to water the tree of liberty" sign at a recent town hall. Apparently the tone is just too uncivil. How quickly they forget their tone during 43's reign.

Holy crap! Pregnant with 12 babies?! Too bad it was a hoax.

Death squads roam Baghdad looking for homogamous couples.

Afghan law sez that men can refuse to feed their wife if she refuses to have sex with him.

What is the purpose behind issuing a license to conduct business anyway? NYC girl fined for her lemonade stand.

Yet another warning to watch what info you put out on the 'net. Your private life is searchable via

Well played old chap. British sniper nails Taliban commander from over two klicks away.

Actually I agree with the church on this one. Anything to get us away from this noxious fascist civic religion that this country still has remnants of. Church bars US flags from vets coffins while on church property.

Prosperity gospel is just disgusting to me.

Here's a map of bank failures in the USA since January 2008. Larger circles represent more assets at the time of failure. Click on the image to zoom. Source: WSJ. HT: Vox.

For any survivalist dudes who lurk here. MREs recalled for bad dairy shake powder.

This Gallup Poll says that those who call themselves "conservative" dominate "liberals" even in blue states. Of course, given the big-government policies that pass for "conservative" these days, I'm not surprised one bit. Although I'm happy to report that Wyoming is in the top 10 of conservative states, cons outnumber libtards here by 28%, and is second only to Utah in Democrat Party disadvantage.

Color me unsurprised. Homeschooled kids outperform public schooled ones by more than 30%. What's more, the performance drop-off that we see in boys in the fem-centric PS system doesn't appear with homeschooled kids.


MikeT said...

I would love to go into one of those prosperity gospel services and show them some slides of what has happened to many a Christian throughout the ages and read them some of the verses on persecution. It'd be interesting to see how many would stay when it became apparent to them that persecution was more likely than bountiful prosperity.

Professor Hale said...

RE Prosperity theology. I know too many Christians in poverty to believe the prosperity message. Corolaty: If God hates african christians so much, maybe we should stop sending missionaries there. Send them to the Bahamas and Vale instead.

RE: Sniper. Handing out the John Sedgewick award to the enemy is a good thing. Excellent technical performance.

RE: DNA. The story that goes with it is from a company that can detect the difference between false DNA and real DNA. And, surprise, tht same company sells the test. It will just be one more thing the defense lawyer will have to question when the evidence is presented, like chain of custody, methods of collection, contaminants present, etc. More importantly, in Virginia, there is a new law that requires lab technicians who perform any kind of forensic examination to be available in court for cross-examination. The written report isn't good enough any more.

RE: conservatives. Not much of a benefit having people call themselves "conservative" if they vote for Barrack Obama and Robert Byrd. SInce fewer than 50% of eligible voters even bother, the higher % of nominal conservatives is further irrelevant. Elections go to those who bother to sho up.

Professor Hale said...

RE: MRE shakes. I don't know anyone who drinks that shit. It doesn't mix well with cold water (nothing does). and who wants a warm milkshake on a 120 degree day? Having nothing to eat by MREs is a good way to lose weight.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Mike, Hale, my SIL has this book authored by one of the members of the Christian band DC's called Jesus Freaks and is a compendium of all the dudes martyred for the Faith.

I agree, we're more likely to be destitute and persecuted for our Christianity than rich and well off. Which is probably for the best anyways, since we see what happens to the Faith when we get rich. For instance, the shepherds of the flock use our tithes to buy G5s.

"Not much of a benefit having people call themselves "conservative" if they vote for Barrack Obama and Robert Byrd."

Yup. Or Bush the Younger, for that matter.

Re: MREs. I've never even heard of a milkshake in an MRE. All I've ever seen is "beverage base powder" or some such.

Christina said...

RE Conservatives -
I noticed this weekend that those who voted for Obama were hard core supporters - enough to deface their car with his name.

Those who voted for the Rep ticket have been very stingy in advertising their support - probably because he was just a cop-out nominee.

I have been listening to Rush lately and he seems to think the change isn't because they existed and didn't show up but because they thought they were liberal and after all the mess-ups by a liberal gov't, are re-thinking their alliance.

But seriously, we need someone a bit stronger than McCain on a conservative ticket.

Something Feral said...

I've had some MREs in the past; some of those things are truly deserving of the "Meals Refused by Everyone" moniker. 'Course, there are some perfectly awful nutritional supplements out there, too... Best thing I've found so far is storing real food and rotating the food-supply in the menu.

I might do a post on this. I've been slacking lately.


- Regarding Snitch: OPSEC! Learn it, live it, love it!

- I used to support the death penalty, but then again, I used to believe in Santa Claus. And good for the church for barring the flag.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

If you think about it, prosperity theology is very similar to the marriage mandate movement. Prosperity theology says that any Christian who isn't prosperous is in sin just like the marriage mandate movement says that any man who isn't married is in sin. They're both wrong for what is almost the same reason.

ganttsquarry said...

re the lemonade stand story
This is why I don't go along with the "law enforcement officers" are all good guys and infallible line that so many conservatives stick to. Imagine the type of personality it takes to bust up a little girls lemonade stand. Not surprised to see they were rude about it either.

Jesse said...

And the most liberal state in the union is...wait, don't tell me...of course. I'm shocked.

As I recall, Christ himself had something to say about being a rich Christian, that camel-and-needle bit. Not that they're mutually exclusive, but I don't think he was saying it'd be all that easy or common either. Seems to me that being materially poor is actually a boon to one's spiritual growth. That being said, I'm not praying that I become destitute either...

But seriously, we need someone a bit stronger than McCain on a conservative ticket.

Good luck with that. I agree, but the Republicrats have been beating a path leftward for too many years now--as long as I've been following politics anyway. The more likely, and far more desirable, scenario is for the GOP to implode and open up space on the political landscape for a real conservative party to gain traction and followers. So I see this as being similar to the sports scenario of hoping your subpar home team sucks as much as possible so they can land a high draft pick, the hope being that the short-term weakness will result in long-term strength.

Methinks when a guy can run on a platform of sola Constitution and get laughed out of the room and not even gather 5% of the vote then it's time to stick a fork in the Republicrats and their sheeple. They're done. They can't even take conservative ideas seriously much less advocate for them.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"This is why I don't go along with the "law enforcement officers" are all good guys and infallible line that so many conservatives stick to."

The part that I don't get is: why is there a licensing law in the first place? The only thing I can think of is to make businesses register with the State so the State can tax them.

Although I suppose I can understand (not condone) shutting down a girl's lemonade stand. Where does one draw the line with a law like that? Suppose this girl had employees, or was grossing $X a month?

The protection racket--government--needs its money.

"...when a guy can run on a platform of sola Constitution and get laughed out of the room and not even gather 5% of the vote then it's time to stick a fork in the Republicrats and their sheeple"

Yup. Quite indicative of just how far left our society has drifted.

The leftward drift is also why the Republicrats have so much support. They're indistinguishable from Dems except for specific social wedge issues.

Kamal S. said...

"For any survivalist dudes who lurk here. MREs recalled for bad dairy shake powder."

I've shaken my head so hard that something is sloshing up there...

People, look, any survivalist types out there. I have two phrases.
Bulk Beans
Tuna Fish Cans.

Both keep absurdly long, MRE's are a sign of the decadence of Western humanity. Your ancestors thrived on more meager fare.

If you have storage room, and this will suffice you through depressions and worse.

Two large 10 gallon plastic trash cans, with tightly sealing lids.

Buy bulk dry beans, they are dirt cheap. By the pound. Every month invest, say, $50 in beans and in $0.025 tuna fish cans, slowly fill up the trash cans with beans, once filled store safely.

Or get the smaller pickle buckets from food service businesses. They throw them away, 5 or 6 of them should go a long way.

Dry beans will keep for ages, they are chock full of protein, and will suffice you if the economy collapses and wild bands of mutants try to take over your local grocery.

Tuna cans will last for a while as well.

I dislike most canned foods because of the presence of BPA and similar sterility causing chemicals in their liners.

ganttsquarry said...

Agree about the need for these kinds of laws EW. Someone enforces them though. The fact that they have to enforce nanny state laws and are tax collectors for the welfare state doesn't inspire alot of trust. I think plenty of cops are decent, honest and hardworking. Some wield their power more ethically than others. I guess in this case I would hope for more discretion and common sense. The fact is she wasn't a little girl with alot of employees. Cops use discretion all of the time. I jaywalk quite a bit and have never been cited for it for example. If they do choose to give a little girl a 50 dollar ticket instead of just telling her to move along; it would be nice if they did it without being rude and treating her like she is a meth dealer.

I do applaud the parks department for apologizing, revoking the ticket and promising to retrain the Barney Fifes who cited her.

Professor Hale said...

I hardly think 10 gallon trash cans are all that "big". Where do you buy tuna for $.025/can? Anyway, I get your larger point.

My personal zombie apocalypse stockpile is rice and pasta.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"My personal zombie apocalypse stockpile is rice and pasta."

Beans (helloooo Blazing Saddles!) and ramen here.

Together with my guns I have a 95% chance of surviving said zombie apocalypse.