Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Roundup

I have to wonder if missives such as this are for real or are simply flame-bait for the Roissy/MRA set. If the former, then reading such truthiness sure can make a fellow develop quite a knackered view of the opposite sex.

More grist for the Roissyite community mill...seems that no matter how thuggish or murderous the hoodlum, if he has money and power, he'll get plenty of female attention.

From a news release pertaining to the 118th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association: "Men who reported having a good relationship with their father during childhood were more likely to be less emotional when reacting to stressful events in their current daily lives than those who had a poor relationship...[t]his was not found to be as common for the women in the study". HT: Glenn Sacks

From Cassy Fiano: Apparently the left-wing fever swamp that is NYC has slow-rolled the rebuild of St Nicolas' orthodox cathedral, which was crushed when the Towers fell.  Yet the mosque we keep hearing about is on a fast-track.  Sure puts all the arguing about the Super Mosque (spearheaded by a group whose name is reminiscent of the Moorish conquest of southern Spain) in perspective.

Whiskey writes about the white man tax, and how increasingly naked the racial spoils system is becoming in this country. In a separate post, he also confirms why I don't bother watching tv any's too feminized, and he has the data to prove it.

At least they're still teaching them right...politics that is, decorum maybe not so much...Nobama booed at a Boy Scout Jamboree.  I suppose it has nothing to do with his this--his cratering approval from men in general--or this--his cratering approval among white men in particular. Both camps of course being overrepresented in the corps of Boy Scouting:

I and others in my blogging circle have repeatedly discussed the hazards of phytoestrogens in our environment and food supply--Hawaiian Libertarian has one of the best treatments I've seen to date here--on men and male children. Well now we're starting to learn that all these excess estrogen-like substances are starting to harm girls too. Check this out: girls hitting puberty at age seven.

Man laughs at 14 yo girl who is robbing him.  And she allegedly shoots him dead for the affrontery.  Lesson 1: Give you two guesses as to the race/ethnicity of the suspected killer.  And the first one doesn't count.  Lesson 2: kinda like Chris Rock's advice to never ride with a mad woman, don't laugh at some crazy chick, no matter how old, sticking a gun in your face.


Professor Hale said...

A child pointing a gun at you is a dangerous animal and needs to be treated as such. No laughing, sudden movements or mercy. Without reading hte article, I can guess the laughter may have been a last act of defiance from soomeone who knew he was going to die anyway.

Justin said...

I can't feel a whole lot of sympathy against the supposed White Man tax. For one, it is a Jewish Man tax in reality. They have been happy to force unqualified minorities on the working- and white-collar class, both in private business and in government. My question is, why haven't they been subject to these hiring laws up til now? Did they have some kind of loophole or exemption?

Being forced to hire more minorities certainly isn't going to be the end of the industry in America, despite Whiskey's theatrics to the contrary.

In may be a net positive, actually, as it would drain minorities from other industries, Industries that actually, you know, create wealth for our country. Banking is a parasitic industry. The less profit they have, the better off is the rest of the real economy.

TDOM said...

I currently watch only 1 network series, Criminal Minds. But it is definitely a show oriented towards women. The appeal for me is the psychological component and that the men are still strong, competent characters in general. but its easy to see why the show appeals more to women.

The man in charge was tossed aside by his wife. He lost his family and kids for no reason other than he worked too much.

The second in command were both sensitive, damaged men coping with a damaged masculinity.

The protected "little brother" is a niave, nerdy, geeky young boy who must be guided along by everyone and "mothered." He is very feminized.

The women are strong and independent. They seem to have no need for men and display a general contempt for them. On one show one woman stepped on the crotch of a male suspect to extract information. On another show a male suspect was murdered by one of the women agents. Neither agent faced repercussions.

This is in addition to the reasons stated in the article that the show really is about a unit (family) of men and women saving women from men.

I would really like to see more male oriented tv that isn't sports, mindless T&A, do-it-yourself, or just blowing things up. But there really isn't much that isn't misandrous crap.


Professor Hale said...

...mindless T&A, do-it-yourself, or just blowing things up

If there were more of that, I might start watching TV again.

Robert said...

Orthodox Judaism does not hate Islam the way it hates Christianity. A Christian church is always hated more than a mosque by the powerful Jewish population of N.Y.C.

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Hey, EW, did you miss this:

Totally worthy of your illustrious roundup. Love to hear your thoughts on it...

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

By the way, why would Naomi Campbell be having diner with Charles Taylor?

What is wrong with people that they want to spend time with such a person?

But I guess that's your point...

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks for the linkage, EW!

Elusive Wapiti said...

"My question is, why haven't they been subject to these hiring laws up til now?"

My suspicion is that, while subject to these laws, they aren't affected by them much. Employed in different sectors.

"the show really is about a unit (family) of men and women saving women from men."

For that reason alone, I would not watch the show. And there are a lot of shows on that fit this description.

"Orthodox Judaism does not hate Islam the way it hates Christianity"

I dunno about Orthodox Judaism, but mainstream Jews--those that populate the media, government, and the judiciary--hate on Christians with a ferocity that baffles me.

dana said...

jewish hatred of christianity is a survival of their experience in poland, germany and russia and has nothing to do with the US. my grandma was born in a shtetl in poland and went through the holocaust--what she knows about christians could fill a thimble and she thinks nazis were christians ergo, christians ar enazis. no conception of us christians at ALL

Robert said...

Under the Synagogue’s Talmudic Noachide* law those who worship Jesus Christ are subject to execution. Here is the documentation:

The rabbinic legal authorities of Orthodox Judaism decree that the worship of Jesus Christ constitutes idol worship (avodah zarah).
—Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim 9:4. Teshuvos Pri ha-Sadeh 2:4. Igros Moshe, Y.D. 3:129-6

Idol worshippers are liable to the death penalty under the Talmudic "Noachide Laws."
—BT Sanhedrin 57a

Rabbinic authorities decree that a building set aside for actual (rather than feigned) worship of Jesus Christ is a house of avodah zarah.
—Yayin Malchus, 234-237. Minchas Elazar 1:53-3. Yechaveh Da'as 4:45. Darchei Teshuvah 150:2. Tzitz Eliezer 14:91

Therefore, when passing a church, Orthodox Jews utter a curse upon it as follows: "Beis gee'im visach Hashem.”
—Birkath ha-Minim, 12th Amidah. BT Berakhot 58b

Moslems are not considered to be idol worshippers,therefore mosques are not a religious problem.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Dana, good point. Of course, the opposite argument could very well be made, what with American Jewry being the primary agent for propagating some pretty rotten ideas in our society, chief among them liberalism.

Then of course you have Jewish banking which has brought unending misery to Christendom--including our present mess that the US and other countries are dealing with--ever since Christian kings grudgingly accepted the money of usurious moneylenders to finance their wars against other Christian kings back in the Middle Ages.

There are plenty of reasons for Christians to dislike Jews as a group. Yet they do not--some of that has to do with the high status Jews enjoy in the end-times eschatology.

Ironically, it is my sense that Jews hate on Christians far far more than the reverse. And Jews incorrectly pin the miseries of the 20th Century on Christians, when their suffering was at the hands of atheists who took Jewish ideas and ran with them.


That is interesting stuff. I'm okay with it though, because in return I pity Jews for their stunted faith. And wonder why a people so smart as individuals can be so stupid as a group.

I'm curious though...why are Mohammedeans not considered idol worshippers? From the Jewish perspective, it seems to me that Mohammed was a false prophet in roughly the same vein as Jesus was...the key difference being that Mohammed never claimed to be an incarnation of God if memory serves.

Novaseeker said...

And that's the key, EW. Mohammed is not worshipped, and is not considered God, but a prophet of God, so I can see why Jews would make a distinction. From the Jewish perspective, if Christians viewed Jesus as the Messiah, that would be heresy, but to view him as the Son of God incarnate is idolatry stapled to heresy, in Jewish eyes.

Elusive Wapiti said...

I can see your point, Nova. As for me, I see Islam as extending and twisting the Word into something that it is not, making Allah a false idol.

The irony for me is that it is Islam, from my POV, that has best preserved some semblance of morality--much better than Christianity and far far better that Judaism--and has best withstood the onslaught of retrograde Enlightenment ideals-cum-idolatry. So far, that is.

Robert said...

Islam shares its prophets with the Jewish prophets. (Jesus is a major prophet in Islam and the Messiah. )Islam share the absolute monotheism Jews claim to believe. Allah is simply Arabic for God.

The stories about the prophets in the Koran do not contain the sadistic pornography of the Old Testament.E.g., they do not know the story of Abraham pimping his wife to pharoah - and the Jewish god punishing pharoah for being misled. Abraham simply preaches the worship of one God.
Nor do they know the Moses who ordered the murder of all the Midian women older than three years and the rape of the survivors.

Moslem would find the Old Testament satanic ( as do I), if they read it; which they don't.

Professor Hale said...

Moslem would find the Old Testament satanic ( as do I), if they read it; which they don't.

Well, Robert, a work of fiction can easily work out with happy story telling throughout. Historical accounts are a little more difficult to manipulate to the author's advantage. 1200 years of editing the Koran has resulted in many of the offensive (to moslems) parts being removed.

Or are you trying to tell me that the Islamic conquest did not involve a whole lot of raping and killing?

Robert said...

Are you suggesting the non-Gentiles like raping and murdering so much that they left it in? Or are you suggesting that a psychopathic god really did order the non-gnetiles to rape and kill?

MikeT said...

Therefore, when passing a church, Orthodox Jews utter a curse upon it as follows: "Beis gee'im visach Hashem.”
—Birkath ha-Minim, 12th Amidah. BT Berakhot 58b

I abide in my Father and He abides in me (corollary: whoever curses the name of Jesus Christ, curses His father)

MikeT said...

A rebuttal to Robert's claim that the Israelites were raping 3 year olds...

a psychopathic god

God's creation, God's rules. God doesn't care at all if you don't like them. You wouldn't be the first, you won't be the last.