Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Roundup

Remember "to professionalize, you must Federalize"?  Yes? No? Either way, try this one on for size: TSA officer repeatedly punk'd passengers going through screening at Philly airport.

German minister for women(!) criticizes feminism. A little. You know this won't go down well with the sisterhood, and it didn't.

Yeah, I said it. She's just a bra-burner, only better looking and with better hygiene, in reference to Palin. I make no bones about my dislike for her oddly socon-approved fembot tendencies, and she did herself no favors by appearing abreast Geraldine Ferraro (remember her?) on election night (HT: MarkyMark):

Is the demand to get a vasectomy the sh!t test to end all sh!t tests? VD thinks so; look what this Brit doctor had to say:
‘The number of vasectomy reversals is increasing and that’s a sign of how relationships are breaking down in this country,’ says Duncan Harriss. He sees five to ten men a week who regret their vasectomy — or, to be more precise, whose wives regret it. ‘The most common situation is that a man has had children, had a vasectomy in his 40s and then the relationship has broken down.

‘There are bitter cases where a man has a vasectomy to please his wife and then she leaves him a month later. It’s deliberate — she’s done it to spite him,’ he says. ‘Just yesterday, I got a call from reception to say one of my patients was having an altercation with his partner. She wanted him to have a reversal and he wasn’t so keen. An hour and a half later, they went their separate ways, him with a red slap mark on his face, having refused to have the procedure.’

I'm sure some in the conservative commentariat will get on 44’s case for saying this publicly...but the truth is obvious as the nose on my face...we are a great former empire in decline.

Licensing needs to be viewed for what it is...a vehicle for taxation and control. And in this case, a backdoor into harassment of citizens just because they can.

Carrie Lukas got it wrong with her "stiletto nation" article...I don't believe for a minute that the great body of female voters, who broke more toward the GOP in this election than they had in any others in recent memory, have suddenly given up on their relentless pursuit of security and instead starting plugging for a much more risky freedom. Nope, I think that they voted for a status quo that is a little less quo, but not a lot less. Mark my words, the warm comfy blanket of entitlement to other people's money will have to be pried from their grasping fingers...if not by politicians, than by the cold equations of economic inevitability.

Will it sell? I shudder to think about the demographics of the buyers of this product, and what they would do with it when they have it...Obama sex doll for sale in China.

Pitchfork Pat warns that the once-great American republic is headed toward irrelevancy, via totalitarianism:
The United States is starting to look like the French Fourth Republic. After France lost Indochina, began losing Algeria and was flipping from one premier and one party to another, the call went forth from an exasperated nation to Gen. DeGaulle to come and take charge of affairs. Consider the critical issue facing America today – the budget and trade deficits, the soaring national debt, an unemployment near 10 percent for 14 straight months – and how neither party seems to have the cure. Both parties have lost the mandate of heaven, and neither knows if its economic philosophy even works anymore. We are in uncharted waters. The country is up for grabs.

Demography is destiny; I wonder if white Angles can turn the corner? Mohammed becomes the most popular boys name in the UK.

Given how liberalism gave us eugenics, among other horrors, not less than a century ago, they should be afraid, very afraid, about this discovery: scientists claim to have found the liberal gene.

If we aren't there to stay, to make it an American colony peopled by Americans and scatter the indigenous to the four winds of the empire, then what the blazes are we doing there? Until then, I don't blame our puppet for doing this. It's smart politics after all.

I've heard the Big Apple described as rotten to the core before, but I have to admit, this one took me by surprise: 10% of sexually active NYC teens have had at least one same-sex partner, and that 1/3 of these teens self-identify as "straight". Other noteworthy stats from the survey:
- 3.2% of teen boys were homosexual,
- 3.7% of teen boys were bisexual
- 3.2% of teen girls were homosexual,
- 8.9% of teen girls were bisexual,
- Teen boys and girls report IPV in roughly equal amounts (34.8 v 35.8%, respectively)


Scott said...

The TSA thing is kinda funny. From the article, it doesn't seem like he caused any real damage and nobody got delayed. I'd rather have a TSA agent joke with me than pat me down. I think the biggest problem with the TSA is most of them take their jobs way too seriously.

Novaseeker said...

Interesting stats on gayness.

The 3.2% sounds about average, whereas the exact same level for women seems high (generally significantly lower amounts of women identify as strictly "gay" than men do), while the bisexuality number for men seems high (contradicting most studies which indicate much more binariness among men, and much more gayness than bisexuality), while the number for women seems unsurprising.

I wonder how the categories were defined, though, for purposes of eliciting the responses. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some jury-rigging there to up the responses in some areas.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Yeah, I found those interesting too.

Given what I've been reading about the hook up culture and all the feminine bi-curiousness going on at American Unis, I'm surprised the 8.9% stat isn't higher, especially given that NYC has its own moral ecology that I suspect is a lot more permissive than America as a whole.

I would have expected that number to be much higher among NYC female teens.

Novaseeker said...

Yeah I guess where I would ask the question is whether it means "have had a sexual experience with another girl" or "am sexually attracted regularly to both boys and girls". There's a difference there, I think.

I do think, though, that the entire feminist culture, as well as pornography, is pushing girls to experiment more with lesbianism and that this, coupled with the greater "flexibility" that women seem to have sexually than men do, could be leading to a large-ish number of women in their 20s who have had sexual experiences with other women, even if they don't consider themselves lesbians or even "bisexual" ("oh, when I was in college I had sex with a few other girls, sure, but that was just experimentation ... I'm not bi or anything ..." type of thing).

Anonymous said...

As for sex, I wonder where gay rape fits in? If you get molested by gays, but you're straight, does that count as bicurious?

Also, EW, you will be interested to read a proposal to do away with usury.

The key weakness, to my mind, is that this "social credit" only works in a functioning industrial society, and all industrial societies seem to be more or less dysfunctional to me.

Atlas said...

You do realize that in order to get the fully equipped Obama Sex Doll, you have to order the Michele doll as well. After all, she owns his balls.

Anonymous said...


Unrelated but of interest to anyone who uses Internal Combustion Engines:

Elusive Wapiti said...

Heh, Atlas, I think that in order to utilize the Michele doll fully, you would also need to procure the Kitchen Pass (tm), and the Detachable Penis (tm). Both can be had for $29.99, but if you buy today, both can be yours for 19.99.

Anon Nov 13/10:31, yeah that was interesting to read. Perhaps I just lack sufficient imagination, but I have a hard time seeing how a "social credit" system could not also be debauched.

TBG said...

The licensing raids:

This took place about 40 miles up the road from us, and the minute we heard about it, my husband said the same thing as you about the practice of requiring a license for just about everything.

When he was in his late teens, he used to cut hair on his parent's front porch. The guys in the neighborhood came to him because he was cheaper than the barbershop and he could put anything from a wine glss to a woman's figure into a hair cut. Yes, it's tacky. He admits that, but they were paying customers. In fact the first time I laid eyes on him I was with a friend who was taking her little brother to him for a haircut.

He eventually ended up in barbershop (no license) for about a year. It's been many years since he's cut anyone's hair who isn't a close friend or family member, but he sympathized with those guys who got arrested for doing something that shouldn't required a license.

On the issue of whose gay: Isn't it odd that the percentage of girls who identify as bisexual is so high? It's one of those things that make you wonder what exactly made those girls identify that way.

Elusive Wapiti said...

TBG, actually, I'm not sure the percentage of bisexual girls is high at all, given what I read about what goes on in high schools these days.

What I'd really like to see is how those girls self-identify after the percentage climbs a bit.

But Nova's question is probably the most salient...are the respondents identifying sexual orientation, or simply bi-curious sexual experience? As a guy I can't imagine one without the other, but us men tend to be more binary (yes or no) than women.