Monday, March 26, 2012

Contraception Does Not Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

File this under "you get more of what you subsidize":
Studies have shown that contraception increases sexual activity -- i.e., that more contraception means more sex.

In Sweden, between 1995 and 2001, teen abortion rates grew 32% during a period of low-cost condoms, oral contraceptives and over-the-counter emergency contraception. Similarly, National Review recently reported that "out of 23 studies on the effects of increased access to ECs, not one study could show a reduction in unintended pregnancies or abortions."

A recent ten-year study in Spain was reported to have found the same thing:
[C]ontraception use increased by about 60%, the abortion rate doubled. In other words, even with an increase in contraception use, there weren't fewer unwanted pregnancies, there were more.

Planned Parenthood's own affiliate, the Guttmacher Institute, showed simultaneous increases in both abortion rates and contraceptive use in the U.S., Cuba, Denmark, the Netherlands, Singapore, and South Korea. Guttmacher cites other countries as evidence of the opposite relationship, but it is noteworthy that many of those countries already had high abortion rates, often as part of existing coercive government policies.
With this background in mind, Ms. Fluke's widely mocked claim that her and her collegiate sisters require free-at-the-point-of-receipt contraception--so that they may complete their studies unburdened by the consequences of their extra-curricular activities--looks even more farcical. Clearly the best thing Ms. Fluke's fornicating floozy flotilla can do to enhance their academic performance and unburden theirs and the public's bankbooks is to take advantage of birth control that is really free. Yes sports fans, the benefits of aspirin go beyond its analgesic and anti-coagulant is also quite effective at impeding the ability of spermatozoa from stumbling across an ovum. Whodathunkit?

Such an admittedly radical recommendation also comes with a number of other tangible benefits, to include protecting all those horizontally proficient coeds from STDs and abortions-disguised-as-EC. Who knows? They may even find that they are suddenly, surprisingly, more attractive as potential mates (due to lower partner counts) and less likely to have a happiness-destroying divorce after marriage.


Lavazza said...

Abortions have been going down every year since the mid seventies in Finland.

The Moderators said...

The point being that "more contraception means fewer abortions" is not a consistent correlation. It varies between countries.

I suspect that places like Finland, North Korea, Uzbekistan, etc. probably have higher female sterilization (but lower male sterilization) and IUD rates, as those are more reliable than temporary contraception. They all also have falling fertility rates, accordingly.

Also, Finland had sterilization as a precondition for abortions, which might have had an effect on the overall rate, as women who have abortions often have repeat abortions. So sterilizing them the first time eliminates those later abortions.

-- Alte

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Finland had sterilization as a precondition for abortions..."

Didn't know that...but I suspect that would also serve to depress the abortion rate too, by making abortion an irreversible decision about fertility.

How many abortionettes are willing to be permanently sterilized in exchange for their abortion of convenience?

My sense is "not many", and wanna-be abortionettes will go out of the country, bear the child to term, back-alley abort their child, or, the best of all worlds, be much more careful about their employment of contraception.

Lurking Apple said...

The link at "One study", pointing to "", gives an error.

Elusive Wapiti said...

Thanks. Fixed the link.