Saturday, November 17, 2012

Both Ends Against the Middle, Redux

Alte susses out a potential reason why Mr. Romney's presidential bid failed:
So, let’s see… Democrats are people who want the government to tax the earned income of the productive class (married men of working age, most of whom are white) and spread that wealth around to the unproductive classes (everyone else). Republicans are people who want to tax the earned income of that same productive class and spread that wealth around to people who own public shares and similar financial investments (i.e. banksters and wealthier retirees) who tend to vote for Republicans.
Middle class Working-class white men, like my own husband, have been abandoned by both political parties. No, really. This is also not a joke. They realize this themselves, which is why so many of them stayed home on election night. When faced with the choice of casting a ballot for the person who would enslave them to Big Government and the one who would sell them out to Big Business, they decided to go with, “No, thanks.”
Working class whites aren't as gullible as the Republican establishment thinks they are. That Dems want to play Robin Hood with the producing class' money is no secret; what is somewhat less obvious is that Republicans were painted--not without some grounding in fact--to want do the same, only with "the rich" and corporate interests being the recipient of redistributive largesse.  As a result, nearly eight million whites stayed home or voted for other candidates on election night, a number that could have put Mr. Romney over the top.


Dexter said...

Nothing wrong with "corporate interests". Over half the working population is employed by a large business (i.e., a corporation) not a small business. If you work for a corporation, its lobbyists can advance your interests MUCH better than you can yourself as a small business owner or employee.

By the way, far less than 8 million whites stayed home. And the election was stolen anyway - Obama won by 330,000 votes in four key states, well within the margin of fraud.

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Nothing wrong with "corporate interests"."

Agreed. Where I get bent is with corporate welfare, carve-outs, tax deductions, etc.

"By the way, far less than 8 million whites stayed home."

Do you have a link handy? Not trying to bust your's just that 8M is the most convincing number I've seen thus far. If you have a more reliable number, I'd love to see it.

"Obama won by 330,000 votes in four key states, well within the margin of fraud."

You may be interested in this:

Foreign Observers Amazed at U.S. No-ID Elections.

I don't trust our so-called "trust-based" voting system.

heresolong said...

I think this is true to a certain extent except that Democrats spend just as much money on corporations as Republicans, just that they spend it in addition to their welfare programs. They have done a good job convincing the general public that this isn't so, but corporate welfare doesn't go down when the Ds are in power.

I do think that the Rs have a partially self-inflicted problem in that it is difficult to paint yourself as the party of limited government when you spend like drunken sailors when you are in power; but it is definitely the direction they should be going.Tthey just have to back it up with actions when (if) they get back into power.