Monday, November 26, 2012

SoCons Can't Stop Blaming Men For Marriage Dearth

Arrgh. It's bad enough when women's activists--who have a vested interest in demonizing men--do it. It's far worse when male luminaries in the conservative chattering class perpetuate the same mythology that plummeting marriage rates, high divorce rates, and skyrocketing OOW birthrates are the fault of men:
Fewer than one in ten births to college-educated women happen outside of wedlock, according to the group Child Trends, while for women with high-school degrees or less, the number is close to six out of ten.

As Richard Ralph Banks demonstrates in Is Marriage for White People?, the same cannot be said of blacks. Contrary to widespread perceptions, marriage is not all that popular among middle- and upper-class blacks either. Black women, Banks reports, long for traditional family structures, but  black men - even college-educated black men - for a variety of complex reasons are more ambivalent about it.[emphasis mine]
O'relleh? They long for a traditional family structure? Well that may be what black women claim if one were to poll them. But a far more reliable indicator of what black women think is not what they say; rather it is what they do. And what they do is have the nation's worst divorce rate--which we know is mostly a function of (un)happiness in various forms--the nation's highest extra-marital birth rate, and the nation's highest abortion rate.

If it is indeed true that it takes two to tango, then I submit that black male "ambivalence" to marriage and traditional family structures isn't all at fault here. Thus when looking curative solutions to ills that visit themselves on the black community, proposals that address the marriage issue and all attendant issues thereto in the black community need to focus on female mating and marital behavior in addition to men's.


bonald said...

Hello EW,

I agree with your main point, but I object to the title. Jonah Goldberg isn't one of us in any sense:

Elusive Wapiti said...

Hi Bonald. I suppose you're correct, he's more neocon these days than socon.

Perhaps I attributed "socon" to him, not because of his views per se, but more because of the reputation of where he writes.

Unfortunately, that too is changing. I've seen a significant drift of NRO into the right-liberal camp, as Mark Richardson of Oz Conservative so ably documents.

Your objection, kind sir, is sustained. I could have been more accurate in my wording.

wanderling said...

Goldberg confirms black men are more successful playas than white men. Tomorrow the sun rises at dawn.

El Bastardo said...


The fact is black women have been raised to know that the gubermint will supply all their needs as long as they go traitor on their man.

I can't telll you how many times I worked with a black man who told that is why he does not date or marry black women.

You can never make them happy, they always demand stuff; and they instinctually know they can win on the government dole.

Case in point: this black woman has no shame, trashes her ex in public, sells a book on how to work the system financially, and I bet she gets child support.