Thursday, December 20, 2012

You've Exhausted All of Your Options

Dang quant-bloggers, they ruin a good, plaintive public wailing every time:
For one, it’s not as if we are holding out for Jake Gyllenhaal, but we do have certain non-negotiable expectations for potential mates that include college degrees and white-collar jobs. Life has always gone according to our plans, so why wouldn’t we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?
Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men?
The author mentions she would like to meet a heterosexual male with a college education, a white-collar job and we will assume by her mention of “millennial” that her dating range is about 25-34 year old men for the sake of simplicity, but the adjustment to different age ranges is simple by using population distribution tables.

The US Census Bureau estimates there is 41,548,000 people in aged 25-34 and over in the United States non-institutionalized population, of which 13,731,000 (~33%) have at least a Bachelor’s degree. (Educational Attainment in the United States: 2011 - Detailed Tables: Table 3)

Using Table 2 from the same release we can also see that there is 29,971,000 men 25 and older with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Using Table 3 again, we can estimate that about 20.6% are aged 25-34, giving us a nation-wide total of 6,174,000 non-institutionalized men aged 25-34 with an education consisting of a Bachelors degree or higher of which approximately 5,939,500 (96.2) are either employed or not a part of the labor force, presumably because they do not need to work (Table A-4. Employment status of the civilian population 25 years and over by educational attainment), 98% of which, or 5,820,600, hold what can be considered “white collar” occupations.

According to a 2003 study, American Sexual Behavior: Trends, Socio-Demographic Differences, and Risk Behavior, it is estimated that men who identify as homosexual or bisexual make up only about 5% of the male population, meaning that assuming no correlation between sexual orientation and age-group or education level, there should be approximately 5,529,570 males meeting the criteria of the author. According to the 2000 Census Marital Status Brief 53% of the male population aged 25-34 is either unmarried or living separately from their spouse. We’ll assume 5% of those observations match-up with the previously cited 5% figure for homosexual and bisexual men (as-of 2000 there was no same-sex marriage), ignoring the incidence of marriages of convenience due to lack of data. That brings the eligible candidate population to approximately 2,654,193 men, or roughly 19% of the college educated male population...[e]liminating married but separated men would reduce the overall count of eligible partners by 5% and eliminating divorcees as well would reduce it by an additional 3%. There is no widely-available estimate of what percentage of the population is otherwise unavailable due to non-marital attachment such as dating.

For example, assuming uniform geographical distribution and the earlier cited 2.654m eligible mate population, a given area would yield approximately 8,428 potential mates per million in total population, meaning that a city the size of New York would feature ~69,500 potential mates; Los Angeles 32,026; San Diego 11,175; Boston 5,267; Atlanta 2,085; and Knoxville 1,525. 
So, next time you feel like you’ve met or dated everybody that meets your criteria in your extended social circle, remember that—depending on your selectivity—you probably have.
The above article from an increasingly pinkified Forbes magazine is chockablock full of attempts to exculpate their hamsters and locate the problem at any place other than the wailers themselves.  But, as one can plainly see, again we see the  problem is choice.  The choice to pass over opportunities for perfectly good but-not-quite-Jake-Gyllenhall men when they were at the peak of their SMP value to promiscuously pursue the education and career unicorns that the feminist narrative says today's women should in order to have a happy and fulfilled life.  The choice to delay marriage and family until one is rapidly approaching the Wall, when a majority of the men who meet Millenial women's stringent mate requirements have already paired off.  The choice to both attend college and pursue high-powered employment; choices that, taken as an aggregate across an entire society, push men out of educational and occupational opportunities and depress the number of males who qualify as hypergamic mates. In other words, choices, deliberate or simply following the herd, to choose education, work, and the Carousel until the ticking of the biological clock cannot longer be ignored.  By making these choices, they disqualify their male peers as marriage partners for them and their sisters--by denying these men the opportunities to become higher status than they. They also disqualify themselves, by inflating their n counts beyond 1 and consequently making themselves far less able to sustain a life-long pair-bond.


ray said...

The author mentions she would like to meet a heterosexual male with a college education, a white-collar job

but she and her gynarchy have spent the past forty years doing EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to force hetero males from the workplaces -- particularly the white collar/government workplaces, where they have made maleness the new nigger

even men who take such jobs are quickly neutered and forced to grovel to the fem-imp, with close scrutiny for "harrassment" and endless re-education sessions to demean them

good men do not remain in such environments, and thats exactly the purpose of the hate-fests . . . to force them into desperation and penury

now Missy and her Millions demand the very thing that THEY have made impossible

thus the slew of articles over the past few years about how men are slackers, and shiftless, and boymen, and not as smart as females etc... why, just take a look at the education statistics, males are clearly less intelligent than the Chosen Gender

haw haw haw! what fun!

so instead of dates and marriage with stable, employed, well-adjusted "white collar men" your bitchnation is getting Adam Lanzas

he's the only "date" you monstresses are gonna get, and the only one you deserve

sow, reap

wanderling said...

All i saw was jake.gyllenhaal. TL;DR

Elusive Wapiti said...

"you had me at Jake" lol

Dexter said...

The choice to pass over opportunities for perfectly good but-not-quite-Jake-Gyllenhall men when they were at the peak of their SMP value to promiscuously pursue the education and career unicorns that the feminist narrative says today's women should in order to have a happy and fulfilled life.

Here is yet another case study in that exact phenomenon:

At 30 she dumps her boyfriend for no apparent reason and takes up dating men she met on OKcupid. None of them meets her stringent requirements either. I predict a future lament, 10 years from now, "why I am manless, childless and bitter? where are all the good men (other than the one I dumped ten years ago)?"

Elusive Wapiti said...

You forgot that it will all be men's fault, too. Because they suck so much.

empathological said...

Mega trends elude the ignorant, which is most of us sadly.
The correlations between all forms of social pathology, failing economy, false morality verses and real morality, male displacement in work and school as is the topic here....these things all chart at near the same slope over the time since feminism/liberalism grabbed hold.
Yet we see the fake morality of Anne Hathaway wearing vegan based gladiator sandals sold as the epitome of mores, while then inanimate objects like guns are held responsible for the collapse of all social guardrails.
These things are all tied together. They are all painfully obvious mega trends that clearly show cause and effect but, to note them would require that people actually acknowledge hard truths, and sacrifice some self. In this case, women want to have the jobs and the hot white collar guy, and damn the dude who shows her the numbers.

wanderling said...

women don't want white collar guys, we want tradies, they have the fittest bods, handyman skills, senses of humour and best pay packets. Or we want cops in combat pants. Totally hot.