Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Seeing Through Liberalist Mythology

Not because the liberalist is recently denuded of clothing...he's always been descamisado for anyone who bothered to look. No, it's because the "permissive liberal" is increasingly and correctly being perceived as the authoritarian, even totalitarian, as he really is:
Cody welcomes the attention, as well as the plans to regulate and restrict 3-D weapons fabrication, because they raise his profile and spur the like-minded to join his cause. He calls Representative Israel's response to the advent of DD [Defense Distributed] "perfect" and compares him to Dostoevsky's titular character in The Idiot, whose good intentions precipitate the very evils he hopes to avoid.

"They don't have the 'control' they think they do," Cody says. "The permissive liberal is a myth. They will be willing to chase this through the Internet and cut through every single civil liberty they can in the name of 'safety'".

What about the rest of us? Cody sees us as potential allies. "Traditional conservatives love it. I'm getting incredibly enthusiastic e-mails from Red-Staters," he says. "And I can even get some Occupy people on our side." [emphasis mine]
Anyone else see "Prohibition, Reloaded" if a renewed ban on so-called assault weapons passes? And Mr. Cody is spot's "liberal" will sacrifice every liberty (except those dealing with sexuality...gotta retain the freedom to hump whomever one wants, when one wants, no matter the cost) they can in the battle to save us from ourselves and to form a more perfect utopia.


wanderling said...
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Unknown said...

Arrrgh have any of these Utopia seekers ever actually read Utopia to the end?

No...of course not. The vast majority don't read and the ones that do are so out of touch with reality they think perfection is achievable.


ScareCrow said...

should have ended with

"...less perfect utopia"

ORM said...

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Thanks. said...

Thanks for posting this. I ran with it in a different direction, but I may not have known about it if not for you posting.