Friday, January 4, 2013

Senator Says PMS To Blame for Congressional Dysfunction

Holy smokes, this is liable to get somebody's panties in a wad:
Senator Tim Akin said that men are more effective working in Congress because of these traits that they bring to the table.

"We men are less hormonal," Sen Akin said. "We don't have that need to rage once a month, what with bloating and headaches making us and everyone around us miserable. Instead, I think we [men] are problem solvers. That's what this country needs."

Another male senator, Republican, agreed. "Maybe it is the estrogen or insecurity or ego that is attached there. But I look at what I have been asked to do by the people of my home state, and it's pretty serious stuff. And it's not the title, but it's the responsibility that comes with the service that I think makes a difference".
Wow, I can't believe men would dare to say stuff like this in the same year that a record-breaking 20 female senators were sworn in, some 160 years after Seneca Falls and 40 years after the ERA. Keep your heads down fellas, because we're fixing to get blasted with stern pronouncements from NOW and all those paid professionally aggrieved types.

Story here.

Ugh. Nice going, guys.

Note: This post is a parody, riffing on some words from a pair of female senators. I don't do sarcasm or irony here very often, so I probably got some of you going by now. Please click the link to read what was actually said.


El Bastardo said...

Well, obviously; what you have shown is that men saying the same thing would be considered outrageous.

However, I think that we would do well to isolate their voting records, how many military air lifts they take per week, month, year; and make a catalog.

Also, publicly announce every failure relating to their selfish desires, and compare it to how much tax waste it will create.

Granted it will be called sexist; but it will also project a strong contrast that many Americans regardless of political affiliation are looking for.

Once Congress is rail roaded with almost half of it being women; the fiat inflationary model will certainly be done in then as they will have no one to blame but themselves.

ray said...

you bastid

i couldnt BELIEVE that ANY male in public office here in the United Sisterhood of Maryka would EVER stand up to the "war on women" nazis and their stranglehold on the nation, and world

for a second there i thought God had returned to the US and the first influences were -- at last, at long long last -- being felt by the cowards and thieves that sit in power over us

then, slowly, you paid the rope back out, lowering me back into the Present and Equalitarian Hell

reflecting, i realized that even God's presence on the planet would never budge the dragons of feminist government off their beds of power and wealth

... well, not VOLUNTARILY budged, that is

you are a baaaad person, mr wapiti, tormenting a pore crippled up old man

Elusive Wapiti said...

"Once Congress is rail roaded with almost half of it being women; the fiat inflationary model will certainly be done in then as they will have no one to blame but themselves."

It's too late already. The bulk of women elected to Congress, even some with R next to their name, vote security and safety over liberty. Regular as clockwork. The welfare/warfare state can only last so long before it collapses under its own weight.

Their timing is bad, though. If I were these members of Team Woman (tm), I wouldn't be celebrating. We're at Peak Feminism and close (I think/hope) to Peak Racialism; the system can't sustain itself. Only so much $$ can be transferred from men to women or from non-NAMs to NAMs; after a while, there's no more Schlitz left. Not even Schlitz bought with money borrowed from generations as yet unborn.

Elusive Wapiti said...

LOL, sorry Ray. It would have been nice to give the goose what has been good for the gander, if for no other reason that to illustrate the hypocrisy (if I may borrow Wanderling's liberal definition of the word).

Sadly, those times are not yet upon us.

El Bastardo said...

I hope you are right bro; I really do. It sucks though that it is very likely that carnage will be necessary during the transition; but it might be what is needed to ensure that future generations do not forget how bad Marxist ideals like feminism truly are.

One can only hope that the worst happens; an indictment of how far along we really are and nothing to be happy about.

ray said...

"but it might be what is needed to ensure that future generations do not forget how bad Marxist ideals like feminism truly are"

by the time this cowshit is done, future generations will be acutely aware of the consequences, to say the least

even the righty guys are starting to buckle, and accept they arent gonna "vote" the matriarchy out of business... nor are they going to damage it significantly by any political means

the u.s. is still way too bloated for that

lots of guys are still living comfy under the gynogulag, but as they are picked off one by one, the pool of available "male investees" grows ever smaller

when it gets so small that guys have no hope, boom boom out go the lights

the gynocracy is well-aware of this dynamic, and the installation of hopelessness and rage in boys and men is considered a great "plus," crucial to the ever-expanding Evil Male narrative, there's one around every corner girls! oh no better collect all the guns and hire more cops (while there are still a few male investees left to hire!)

ScareCrow said...

FYI - I posted a link to the news article on the sub-reddit MensRights, it got thumbed way way down....

I just do not understand that scene...