Friday, June 20, 2014

The Talk for Young Men in the Military

Dr.Φ at the blog Delenda Est Cathargo has had a front-row seat to the military's latest effort to make the armed services safe for military women...from military men.  He has four posts up thus far on this topic, entitled "War On Nerds: SAPR Edition", "SAPR Day Scenarios", "People vs Values", and "SAPR Day: "Surely, Comrade! Surely You Do Not Want Jones Back!", with likely more to follow.

Reading these posts, and seeing the aggressive feminist and rape-culture-hysteria and frankly misandrist slant to the materials presently being force-fed to military men and women in mandatory propaganda femeducation commander's calls, perhaps it is both timely and wise for more senior military men, perhaps commanders, but certainly supervisors and peers, to do what women leaders in times past did for the female subordinates in their charge: warn them about entanglements with the opposite sex--for their own safety.

As one in the military, you are to be strong. A warrior. As a man, you are widely thought to want sex, any sex, at any time, and are grateful for it whenever it happens. These two factors combined mean you will not be believed if you yourself report being sexually assaulted or sexually coerced by a woman.  You want it by nature, she doesn't.  A woman who accuses you of the same, will be.

Moreover, the culture still assumes that men are the aggressors in sexual relationships, and that women are passive.  You will not be believed if you yourself report being sexually assaulted or sexually coerced by a woman, despite recent research that shows near parity in which sex perpetrates sexual assault.  A woman who accuses you of the same, will be.

Further, it is men who are uniquely held accountable for sex when alcohol is involved, no matter how much or how little either party has been drinking. As little as one drop of alcohol invalidates female agency. You will not be believed if you claim that you had consent. A woman who accuses you of taking advantage of her inebriated state, on the other hand, will be. The simple fact of the matter is that, as far as the SAPR office and Victim Advocates (note the slanted term victim, not the more neutral and legally correct accuser) is concerned, sexual assault is something that men do to women, men do to other men, rarely women assault other women, and women never assault men.  Offenders (note again the slanted language) must be stamped out.  The default position is to believe the accuser victim.  This cannon is pointed at you, not-so-fortunate son.  Innocence is no longer presumed.  But fear not, there are many steps you may take to minimize your risk and protect yourself, and it's not blaming the victim to pass them along to you:

1) Limit interactions, be they over the phone, via email, and especially face-to-face, to official business only. In general, it is advisable to avoid interactions with women in the military for numerous reasons (i.e., false sexual harassment charges, false charges of fraternization, etc), but in this case, it is to reduce your risk of a career-ending FRA. If you must interact with them, do so in a public area with witnesses.  Avoid situations where you may be alone behind closed doors with a military woman without a wingman as witness.

2) Speaking of wingman, have one whenever going out or when you may be faced by mixed-sex situations. This brother is your witness and can vouch for your upright behavior.

3) Don't fraternize with lower-ranking military women. Not only is this a UCMJ issue, but it is also wise counsel anyway. Lower-ranking military women are less mature and more likely to be star-struck by your greater maturity and higher socio-sexual status than either her or her peers.  You will also be more likely to be seen as the aggressor if they levy an accusation. Keep it professional, and stay safe.

4) Avoid mixed-sex situations and alcohol. The vast, vast majority of military sexual assault cases involve alcohol.  When the booze comes out, and there are females about, that's your cue to leave.  Male-only company is your friend.

5) Be upright in your behavior. The vast, vast majority of military sexual assault cases involve extra-marital sex in addition to alcohol.  This means don't be a player (sorry cads). The fact of the matter is that one's risk of being hit with a sexual assault allegation is a lot lower if you keep your fly zipped.

6) If you find avoiding extramarital sex too difficult or too Christian / Jewish a value to uphold, then record your encounters.  It may initially seem Rob Lowe-level creepy, but it has saved at least one man, and likely untold more, from being convicted of rape on the basis of a malicious FRA.  Video is best.

These steps may be small, but will do much to mitigate your risk of being caught on the wrong side of an accusation of sexual misconduct.  Remember that the system is looking to isolate and prosecute "offenders", that women who bring sexual assault allegations are to be believed, false accusations will not be prosecuted or punished, and that you will be counting on the justice system to protect your assumed-innocent status. The process is part of the punishment, whether or not a conviction is made.  Stay away, stay safe, and stay frosty.

Note: This article first appeared at The Spearhead on June 16th, 2014.


handleshaus said...

Surreptitiously video record all consensual encounters as legal insurance. Encrypt with password. Do not watch, copy, or distribute, and irreversibly destroy no later than one year following the encounter. Do not ever tell anyone you ever do this. If you ever have to pull it out, then have a good "Inadvertently left a webcam security program on, it's one you use all the time but forgot to turn off" alibi ready to get around all-party consent to recordation laws.

But, if you are ever falsely accused, it is the only way to nip the whole railroading process in the bud and stop it from progressing from day one.

If one is presumed guilty, then in the typical case of purely testimonial evidence, "He said, she said," then you are going to have your life ruined by a false accusation no matter how innocent you are unless you can get some additional hard evidence to support your side of the story.

There are plenty of people who have tries to use their buddies' observations - it's no good. Your wingman's testimony isn't going to help because he wasn't there are the critical moment of sexual contact in which the lack of consent was claimed, and he is not competent to testify as to the existence of that consent. The jury needs to see that consent was given; something contradicting and voiding the accusation. So do the prosecutors and police.

The woman also needs to know from day one that is she persists in her claims that the video will be admitted into evidence, become part of the record, and be shown in court over and over again to the finders of fact so that the defense counsel can point to each and every scene and physical gesture that indicates consent.

In other words, the number of sexual assault accusations will likely shrink to those that are clearly forceful violations with strong corroborating physical evidence.

ray said...

The assumption of male guilt before any female accusation or "taken offense" has been a fundamental feature of American society for many decades. The assumptions of Male Evil in the military, as cited by the article, are the exact same assumptions made in the courts, on campuses, in the workplaces, and everywhere else in the U.S.

Just one example... the cowardly and corrupt U.S court system issues millions of "protective orders" to any female who says she "feels afraid" about any male. Very, very few of these orders have even vague validity.

This practice is just totalitarian thuggism, with these instruments used to tyrannize and terrorize men into everyday, across-the-board compliance with any female command issued. Cops often show up to guys' houses with FIVE or SIX cars to serve ONE bogus RS, to some guy who perhaps doesn't even know what Offense has been "committed" against little Ms. Monstress... while she stands behind the Thugmobiles, arms folded, smirking and chuckling at the defenseless male's beatdown.

The armed forces are the last environment displaying vestiges of American masculinity. Its infiltration and corruption by the vaginocracy is a final phase of the incremental takover of cultural elements. With the military in The Sisterhood's pocket, there is no longer even any token institutional resistance to the Gynogulag and its stream of false accusations and beatdowns of boys and men.

As with cops or judges, it doesn't matter if male service members don't identify as "feminists." It only matters that they enable and enforce the "laws" and endless demands of the matriarchy. And they do. Satan doesn't care what rationalizations enabling men use to cover support of malevolence . . . I'm just doing my job, I'm just feeding my family, I'm just protecting innocent and helpless females. The excuses are endless. My favorite is when one of Mammy's Monsters says "I'm not taking sides." LOL! Yeah right.

Satan doesn't care what lies people tell themselves, he only cares about the bottom line -- that men and little boys are crushed and humilated and destroyed. And in America and her satellite nations, obviously he is in control, expanding and prospering and having quite the good time.


Elusive Wapiti said...

@ HandlesHaus,

"Do not watch, copy, or distribute, and irreversibly destroy no later than one year following the encounter. Do not ever tell anyone you ever do this"

Good advice. Tho I would advise keeping your alibi it for longer. The statute of limitations in some states for rape / sexual assault is upwards of 10 years.

"The jury needs to see that consent was given; something contradicting and voiding the accusation. So do the prosecutors and police. "

And the public. Given that a rape or sexual assault charge is the 3d most serious offense someone may be accused of, behind Murder 1 and child molestation, it seems a fellow accused of these crimes needs to go full nuke, right away. And his counselor needs to go public with the evidence of his innocence. Destroying the accuser's credibility in the court of public opinion will bring the necessary pressure to bear on the accuser, the police, and the district attorney.

Elusive Wapiti said...

@ Ray,

"The assumption of male guilt before any female accusation or "taken offense" has been a fundamental feature of American society for many decades."

The disappointing part for me is that, only now, are some in the media and legal system beginning to figure out that the campus jihad vs sex-assault-cum-rape has happily dispensed with nearly 1,000 years of Western Civ legal heritage and the presumption of innocence.

It's been clear as day to those who bother to look.

Eric said...

Wapiti & Ray:
The real dynamic involved here has nothing to do with presumption of innocence. What's really going on is a concerted movement to purge the military (just like Academia, Media, Corporate America, and Government have all been purged).

The New America has no place for all-male institutions of any kind (unless its an openly homosexual one).

ray said...

It's true there's a big push to co-op the armed forces, Eric, purging key positions for ideo-political reasons.

Glad to hear it disgusts you. It should.


newrebeluniv said...

Eric, purging key positions for ideo-political reasons.


It's not happening in the military. The simple fact is that most high ranking military people are already pre-ideologically aligned with the left. No purges needed. Self-purging as a captain doesn't count as a "purge".

Sam said...


I've been following your blog for a year or so now and want to thank you for what you put into it. I would be interested in your input concerning a military-related project I've been working on. Would it be possible to contact you via email?


Elusive Wapiti said...

Sure Sam. Try elusivewapiti at hotmail.